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martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Redman - Funk Form Hell (2010)

02-machine gun funk (ft. b.i.g.)
03-freestyle (ft. keith murray and epmd)(dj clue mix)
04-freestyle (ft. whoo kid)
05-whatcha gonna do (ft. mack 10 and wc)
06-dont make no sense (ft. def squad)
07-rap scholar (ft. das efx) (original version)
08-whateva man (rare remix)
09-come and get it (ft. lady luck)
10-freestyle (ft. keith murray)
11-doin' it (ft. busta rhymes and dj green lantern)
12-w.k.y.a (ft. saukrates)
13-headbanger (ft. epmd & k-solo)
14-freestyle (ft. german lugar and icadon)
15-freestyle (ft. tony touch)
16-stretch armstrong promo (ft. tame one and rah digga)
17-the promo (unreleased)
18-where am i
19-throw your hands in the air (ft. cypress hill)
20-freestyle (ft. drunken master)
21-urban legends (ft. drunken master and bugsy)
23-pick it up (remix)
24-the message (ft. icarus) (funkmaster flex)
25-bad boy freestyle
26-brown sugar freestyle (ft. method man)
27-funkorama (ft. erick sermon) (double green remix)
28-super freestyle (ft. method man and funkmaster flex)


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