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jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

LEAF DOG - From A Scarecrow's Perspective (2011)

01.-Some People Say
02.-It’s All Me
03.-The Stomp (Feat. Rampage Of Flipmode Squad & BVA MC)
05.-Stoned Broke And Single (Feat. BVA MC)
06.-Hide Your Eyes (Feat. Assa)
07.-All Alone (Feat. Fliptrix)
08.-Jump Jump
09.-The Note I Left
10.-Poor Mans Song Pt. 2
11.-Sweet Thing
12.-Before The Days (Feat. Diamond D & BVA MC)
13.-Walk With Me
14.-When I Bust
15.-Why I Do This
16.-Time And A Place (Feat. Verb T)
17.-Hidden Bonus Track

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