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jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

KRS-ONE & TRUE MASTER - Meta Historical (2010)

02.-Murda Ya'
03.-Madonna And Child (Skit)
04.-Unified Field feat. Dr. Oyibo
05.-Gimme Da 90's
06.-Revelation (Skit)
07.-Knowledge Reigns Supreme feat. True Master
08.-My Mind (Skit)
09.-Palm And Fist
10.-One Of Them Days
11.-Ancient Hip Hop (Skit)
12.-Old School Hip Hop
13.-Naga (Skit)
14.-1-2, Here's What We Gone Do feat. RZA
15.-Freeman (Skit)
17.-The Struggle (Skit)
18.-Street Rhymer feat. Cappadonna
19.-He's Us feat. True Master

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