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viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Dysfunkshunal - Familee - Family Reunion (2010)

02-Separate Ways feat. 5FT (Black Moon)
03-Step Up My Game feat. Finsta Bundy
04-Be A Star feat. Agony
05-Fuck All Y’all
06-Just Keep Holding feat. O.C. & Agony
07-C.H.A.M.P. feat. Larry Thomas & Ced Tha Don
08-Don’t Leave Me feat. Larry Thomas
09-Can’t Help It
10-So Phony feat. Craig G
11-Start Scheming feat. General Steele & Jean Grae
12-I’m Dysfunkshunal feat. Sadat X & Larry Thomas
13-Smoke Weed
14-Can’t Be Your Lover
15-Making Moves feat. Supreme & J-Mac
16-Can’t Faze Us feat. Larry Thomas & Supreme
17-The Grind The Hustle feat. Dollamentary, Poison Pen, Miss G & Larry Thomas


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