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sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

Volta Masters - Volta Masters Piece (2010)

01-Freedom (feat. Rasco)
02-So Let's Be Gone (feat. Sadat X)
03-Built To Last (Bolelo) (feat. Substantial)
04-A Cruel Angel's Thesis (feat. Aysa & Sierra)
05-Even Though (feat. Steph Pockets)
06-Forbidden Colors
07-Put A Little Jazz To It (feat. 1773)
08-The Crying Game (feat. Rasco)
09-Feelin' Like Gotta Get Away (feat. Quite Nyce)
10-Dinorah Dinorah
11-She's Beautiful (Camilla) (feat. Lords Of The Underground)
12-Piece (feat. Elisha La'Verne)


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