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domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Cookbook & Uno Mas - C & U Music Factory (2010)

01-Presente! (Intro)
02-Set It Off to This
03-When You Rock & Roll (feat. Evidence)
04-L.A. Times (feat. DJ Rhetmattic) (J.J. Brown Remix)
05-Our Life Sounds Nice
06-Never Gonna Let You Go
07-Just-Us (feat. Site Raw & Raquel Rodriguez)
08-A.M. Radio (feat. Sareem Poems & King Charizmatic)
09-Song of Our Lives (feat. Raquel Rodriguez)
10-Where Ya Been All My Life? (feat. Pigeon John)
11-Monster Mosh
12-The Petty (feat. Scarub & King Charizmatic)
13-The Evil That Men Do
14-Big, Large
15-C & U Music Factory
16-L.A. Times (feat. DJ Rhetmattic) (OG Version)


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