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sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

JAZZ LIBERATORZ - Fruit of the past (2009)

01.-Music Is My Mind
02.-Loop Prisoner
03.-What's Real Feat. Emanon
04.-Dark Keys Feat. M'Selem
05.-What's Next On The Menu
06.-Music Makes The World Go Round Feat. Declaime
07.-Force Be With You Feat. T.Love
08.-Diggin Sound
09.-It Was Only A Song
10.-Always Something
11.-My Style Is Fly Feat. Fat Lip
12.- Capture Your Mind
13.-A Paris
14.-After Party Feat. Wildchild
15.-That's Right
16.-Mountain Sunlight Feat. Mos Def
17.-Breathing Pleasure Feat. Rico
18.-Music In My Mind part. 2
19.-That's Reality
20.-Blue Avenue
21.-Back Packers Feat. Fat Lip
22.-Slow Down
23.-Force Be With You (Drum Brothers Remix)
24.-My Style Is Fly (Dela Remix)
25.-Music Makes The World Go Round Feat. Declaime
26.-What's Next

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