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lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Mr. Loop - The Bury All (2009)

01-Intro (Ft. Yosh)
02-In The Making (Ft. Super Dertie)
03-Satisfaction Part 1 (Ft. Yosh, Mudmowth, Vee Kay, B Tol Wordsmith, Slippa & Zoo Mark)
04-U.S.B. (Dirty Bass Re Lick) (Ft. Slippa & Zoo Mark)
05-Try Again (Ft. B Tol & Eva Lazarus)
06-Out On The Razz (Ft. Yosh Zoo Mark & Slippa)
07-Satisfaction Part 2 (Ft. Humble Pious, J Soles, Dr Cerberus, 777 Reminisce & Beit Nun)
08-Sofa Jehova (Ft. Humble Pious)
09-Happy Go Lucky (Ft. Zoo Mark)
10-The Infamous Baron Spittswell (Ft. Yosh)
11-The Middle Path (Ft. Yosh, Zoo Mark & Slippa)

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