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jueves, 28 de agosto de 2008

Planet Asia - Direct From C.A. (2CD)(2008)

01-Golden Age
02-All That I Got
03-A Moment In Time (ft. Evidence)
04-Don’t Fight That (ft. Krondon, Phil Da Agony & Montage One)
05-Champion Rap (ft. Sav Killz)
06-What Yall Want (ft. Rasco & 427 aka Walt Liquor)
07-247 (ft. Fashawn)
08-King In The Deck (ft. Strong Arm Steady)
09-When I Die (ft. Self Scientific)
10-Curtains (ft. Reef The Lost Cauze)
11-One Time (ft. Defari & Krondon)
12-Da Cipher (ft. Punchline, Cobra Red, Consequence & Menace)
01- Check Mate (ft. The Problemaddicts)
02-No Coast Allstars (ft. Baby Blak & Obie Trice)
03-4 All My Niggaz (ft. Bishop, Lamont, Black Milk, Mistah F.A.B. & Ya Boy)
04-The Majors (ft. Casual, Keith Murray & Prince Ali)
05-Baby Food (ft. Sav Killz & Tri State)
06-Don’t Step (ft. Rasco & MYG)
07-Crocodile Smile (ft. Copywrite & U-God)
08-The Movement (ft. Krondon & Phil Da Agony)
09-Everyday_Ritual Dj Revolution Mix (ft. Mykill Miers)
10-Goblins (Tablets)(ft. Wisemen & Prodigal Sun)
11-Polyphonic Monarchs (ft. Prince Ali)
Sav Killz ft Planet Asia - Champion Rap

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