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lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Braze - Supremacy (2007)

01-Over Here Over There (feat. Frank N Dank)
02-Hold Your Applause (feat. Arcee)
03-Secks4free (feat. 9th Uno)
04-Fallback (feat. Brassmunk)
05-Uhh Shook (feat. Shao K)
06-No Delayin (feat. Choclair)
07-Supersize (feat. Saukrates)
08-Yall Remain The Same (feat. Thrust)
09-Gimme Yours (feat. Ken Masters)
10-Working It (feat. Juice)
11-Rockem (feat. Joe Era)
12-Bottled Dreams (feat. Drex Inkredible, Remey)
13-Throw Ya Crowns Up (feat. Talksick, Adam Bomb)
14-Up and Up (feat. 9th Uno, Arcee)
15-No Delayin (Remix) (feat. Choclair)
16-Supersize (Remix) (feat. Saukrates, Jenna G)
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