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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008

Night Owls 4 - A Shot in the Dark (2007)

01-For You - (with Kaboose/Christin Hart)
02-Always Shine - (with Uno Mas/Cookbook)
03-We Will Not Stop - (with LMNO/theBREAX)
04-Emceeing Is Believing - (with Page One/Because)
05-Spell It - (with Nova Infinite)
06-Hold On - (with MotionPlus)
07-California Soul - (with Maximillian)
08-Older Than I Was Before - (with Listener)
09-First Of All - (with Sivion/DJ Wise/Soul P/Jeremiah Bonds)
10-Shot In the Dark, A - (with DJ Wise)
11-Knuckle Up - (with ManCHILD/Playdough/Kaboose/DJ Promote)
12-Something You Said - (with Insufficient Funds/Afaar)
13-Shots Out - (with Man Of War/DJ Wise)
14-Test Market - (with The Pride)
15-Live & Direct - (with Paradox)
16-Fine Line - (with DJ Promote/Scribbling Idiots)
17-We Ran With It - (with Propaganda/Sojourn/Capture
18-Choose Your Battles - (with Cal Logic)
19-Okay With It - (with Braille)
20-21 Jump Street - (with RedCloud/DJ Wise)

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