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viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

SOCIETY OF SHADOWS - The Age Of Apocalipse (2011)

01.-Dogs Of War (intro)

02.-My Point Of View
03.-As A Nation
04.-Blind Minded (feat. It Mana)
05.-Sinister Minister
06.-Kings (feat.True Grit & Matt Maddox)
07.-New World Order
08.-Euphoric State (feat. Durdy D)
09.-Children Of The Night
10.-Strong Arm Robbery (feat. Copywrite)
11.-Verses Of Vulgarity
12.-Tracel Light (feat. Pryme Prolifik)
14.-What Matters Most (feat.Ms. Iwa)
15.-Age Of The Apocalypse
16.-Gods Of Raw (outro)

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