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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

KNO - Death Is Silent (2010)

01.-Is Silent
02.-If You Cry (Feat. Natti)
03.-Lonliness (Feat. Nemo Achida & Deacon The Villain)
04.-La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
05.-Rhythm Of The Rain (Feat. Thee Tom Hardy)
06.-Spread Your Wings (Feat. Deacon The Villain)
07.-Smile (They Brought Your Coffin In)
08.-Graveyard (Feat. Sheisty Khrist)
09.-I Wish I Was Dead (Feat. Tonedeff)
10.-They Told Me (Feat. Deacon The Villain)
11.-When I Was Young (Feat. Natti & Substantial)
12.-Not At The End (Feat. Tunji)
13.-The New Day (Death Has No Meaning)

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