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viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Junior Makhno - Comp Ton Comp (2011)

02-16 Bars of Death Remix (Feat. Planet Asia)
03-Defiant (Feat. Jise One, Ide & Alucard)
04-I Believe (Feat. Ern Dawgy & Dungeon Masta)
05-Brick Wall Remix (Feat. Vinnie Paz, Demoz & Ill Bill)
06-Hip-Hop (Feat. Ern Dawgy, Mic Mountain & Jigsaw)
07-Materialist Groove
08-Spit Fire (Feat. Vendetta Kingz & G8abak)
09-Elimination (Feat. Genocide)
10-DJ Fresh Cut Gettin Busy
11-Walk on the Moon (Feat. Hedd Shotts)
12-Wasteland (Feat. Vendetta Kingz & Lord Lhus)
13-P in the Forest
14-More than Music (Feat. Debt Collectors & DJ Trickalome)
15-Middle Fingers Up (Feat. Mark Deez, Fatha Death, Jigsaw & Skampoe)
17-High Speed Chase (Feat. Ern Dawgy, Graveyard Shifter & El Alfarero)
18-My Ummah (Feat. Genocide) + Outro


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