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martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Q-Unique - The Collabo Tapes Vol.2 (2009)

01-42nd Spit
02-Nuclear Medicine Men (Feat. La Coka Nostra & Immortal Technique)
03-Court Marshall (Feat. Caen Project & Reef The Lost Cause)
04-The Callin (Feat. Tzarizm, Murdoc & Dj Polo)
05-Mortal Combat (Feat. Sean Strange)
06-Rock Steadily (Feat. Rakaa, C Rayz Walz, Krondon & Dj Js1)
07-Apocalypse Now (Feat. Sick Jacken, Ill Bill & Dj Fm)
09-Damn Thing (Feat. Dstroy & Dj Fingaz)
10-Is Anybody Out There? (Feat. Glo & Dj Piklz)
11-Major League (Feat. Freestyle & Dstroy)
12-Full Clip Bullshit
13-It Ain't Safe (Feat. Sabac)
14-Good (Feat. Dstroy)
15-Killer Collage (Feat. Mr. Hyde & Ill Bill )
16-Watch How You Scheme (Feat. Riviera Regime)
17-Runnin (Feat. Ill Bill)
18-Este Es Lo Que Eh (Feat. Tony Touch & Dstroy)
19-Psychological Remix


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