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jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

PABLO - Turntable technology

01.-Turntable Technology
03.-Fairchild (live at the lab)
04.-Sky Is High
05.-Turn The Page
06.-Speed Check
07.-The Story Of Sampling
08.-Record Shop
09.-Goes To Pluto
10.-Music Maestro
11.-Rooftop Chase
12.-High Jazz
13.-Speed Check (inst.)
14.-The Cuatro Track
15.-Story of Sampling
16.-Into The Deep Blue
17.-Turn The Page (inst.)
18.-Sky Is High (inst.)
19.-Act Of Persuasion
20.-Turntable Technology
21.-Sing (inst)
22.-Puzzled Picture
23.-Music Maestro (inst.)
24.-Proceed With Caution
25.-On the Tail
26.-Journeys End

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