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martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

Emcee's & Producers To Watch _ From The States to Overseas Part One (2009)

01.Hustle And Flow(prod. Kid Hum)
02.The Uprising (Produced By Don K-Sen)
03.Good Guys First(prod. Reef Ali)
04.Table Has Turned ft. Syster Sol(prod. King Al)
05.Savings Withdrawl ft.Lyrikal(prod.The D.O.N.)
06.80s Babies(prod. Ren)

07.Classic Shit (prod. by Mules)

08.The Joint RAW ft. Dj Total Eclipse(exclusive)
09.Write 2 Remember(prod. Qb Beats)

10.Dark Side(prod. Ken Houston)
11.Top Gun(prod. Klarity And Denz)
12.Keep It(prod. GoodKnight)
13.Grind Or Die(prod. Kids on DMT)
14.Interlude (G-Off PSA)Cuts by Dj Whooligan(prod.Mikos)
15.Vampire(prod. Midi Mafia)
16.Clarissa of Death(prod. Ralph Random)
17.Smashmouth Music(prod. JJ The Jenius)
18.Sparks Fly(prod. Vanderslice)
19.Thistopia(prod. Dan Bull)


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