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miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Dj Tomotech - Jazzymental (2005)

01-The Solsonics - Jazz In The Present Tense
02-Dead Prez – Intro
03-Alexandre Tassel Et Guillaume Naturel - You're Right!
04-Outside – Crazy
05-Urbanator - Hot Jazz Biscuits
06-Street Jazz Unit - Seen' The Light
07-Jazzhole - Forward Motion
08-Clever Jeff - No Fiction
09-Ghetto Philharmonic - Don't Bite The Concept
10-Gutter Snypes - Who Fell£¿
11-Da Phenoms - Old School Rule
12-Urbanator - Chameleon Feat. Herbie Hancock (Piano), Muchhead (Rap)
13-Immy Luxury - (Ain't That A) Kick In The Head
14-YB - Spy In The House Of Jazz
15-Glamco Productions – Huh
16-Justin Warfield - Steppin' With The Sound(Q.D. Ill's Mellow Jazz Lab Mix)
17-The Odd Couple – Sunshine
18-Giglo Supreme - Reign Over Twilight
19-Common Cause - A Second Thought
20-Lords Of Rap - Jazz It Up

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