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martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

Soulchef - Escapism (2010)

01-Drifting In A Daydream (feat. Need Not Worry)
02-When I Close My Eyes (feat. Tunji)
03-Franki Valli (feat. The Outfit)
04-Eyes Like Blue Skies (feat. Need Not Worry)
05-Away With Me (feat. Nicholas Smalc)
06-What You Rappin’ For (feat. Nieve)
07-Wanted (feat. The 49ers)
08-Say Somethin’ (feat. Nieve, Noah King, Adub & Tunji)
09-Oh No (feat. Hydroponikz)
10-I Just Wanna See (feat. KO The Knockout)
11-Tonight (feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles)
12-First Class (feat. Nicholas Smalc)
13-Blunt Love (feat. The Black Sunn)
14-Write This Down (feat. Nieve)
15-The Rest Of My Life (feat. Awon & Tif The Gift)
16-Blind Man See (feat. The 49ers)


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