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martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

MAIN FLOW - Return of The Castle (2010)

01.-The Drawbridge
02.-Return Of The Castle (Feat. Esoteric)
03.-The Gate (Feat. Donte)
04.-All Goes Down (Feat. Ragga)
05.-The Dungeon (Feat. Chrissy Depauw)
06.-Understand (Feat. Just Brea)
07.-The Armory
08.-Keep On Loving Me (Feat. Justin Werner)
09.-Dark Ages (Feat. Neorah Havva)
10.-The Drawbridge
11.-Bonus Track: Thank You (Feat. Justin Werner)
12.-Bonus Track: Mus
ic (Feat. Chali 2Na, Donte & The Grouch)

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