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lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

Paulie Rhyme - The Industrial Arts Mixtape (2009)

01-Dj Scotty Doo (Intro)
02-Had Enough
03-Dusk Till Dawn Feat. Prince Po
04-Dream Catchin Ft. Wreckelekt, Audio Angel & Journey
05-Bullet Holes Feat. Nomi
06-Look Into My Eyes Ft. Miles Outside (Scotty Doo Remix)
07-Each One Teach One
09-T.U.F.F. Feat. Nate Krooks
10-Buddha Bless
11-Merry Go Round Ft. Miles Outside (Scotty Doo Remix)
12-Next Of Kin
13-My Life Feat. Iyan Anamolie
14-Komodo Spit Ft. Khai Sharrieff, Inkfat & Orukusaki
15-The Game Feat. Moto
16-Battle Royale (Outro)

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