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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008

Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Re-Shinstruction (2008)

02-CL Smooth / I Can't Help It (Shin-Ski's Can't Stop Me Remix)
03-Time Machine / The Wiggle (Shin-Ski Remix)
04-Soloplexus / Red Handed
05-Do It 4 The Children
06-Fine Artz / Ultrasonic (Shin-Ski's Sacred Sonic Remix)
07-Shinsight Trio / Heart (Shin-Ski's Cold Hearted Remix)
08-Artoffical / Big City Bright Lights (Shin-Ski's Urban Lights Remix)
09-Funky DL / Not The 1 4 Me
11-Insight / Bother Me
12-Soloplexus / When Things Go Right Something Goes Wrong
13-Zimbabwe Legit feat. Mike G (Jungle Brothers) / Where I'm At (Shin-Ski Remix)
14-Verses / Ms. O'Ginny (Shin-Ski Remix)
15-Shinsight Trio / Heart (Shin-Ski's Restless Heart Remix)
16-R U 4 Real??
17-Moon Baker / ABC Of Romance

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